Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery planning and response management software, has opened its new global headquarters in Audubon, Pennsylvania.

The expanded space boasts more than 36,000 square feet to foster innovation, collaboration and entertainment for Infinite Blue’s rapidly growing crew. The opening of the new building launches a new chapter for the Company and reflects the visionary perspective of founder Frank Shultz.

“We envision the new Infinite Blue Global Headquarters as a space that our crew members can flourish in a collaborative, safe, and fun environment,” said Shultz, Chairman and CEO. “The space will continue to evolve as we grow as an organization, but we had a chance to appropriately design it for the post-COVID return to office world given the timing of the buildout. We’re excited to open the doors and for our team to embrace the new setting.”

The new headquarters features a variety of workspaces to facilitate independent work, one-on-one meetings, remote meetings, and group meetings of any size. Infinite Blue also built a large training room and virtualized emergency operations center to enable customer learning, just one of the 30 conference spaces available to meet the needs of the IB crew.

To help promote wellness and company culture, Infinite Blue’s new headquarters was designed to be exciting for both work and play. With vibrant colors throughout the space, the IB crew will enjoy a 9-hole golf course, Zen room, beanbag room, game room complete with a pool table, shuffleboard table, and arcade games and the ‘Infinite Brew’ kegerator. The crew is expecting game nights and happy hours to be significantly enhanced with the new additions.

The new headquarters, located at 2500 Monroe Boulevard, 2nd floor, Audubon, Pennsylvania 19403, is positioned in a convenient location for team members commuting from the greater Philadelphia area, and provides ample space for the rapidly growing team.

Infinite Blue’s solutions enable organizations to plan, prepare, test, manage, and notify teams how to respond to any potential business disruptions. Its flagship software, BC in the Cloud®, helps companies with a commitment to organizational resiliency by providing an intuitive, full featured product with shared data, automated workflows, reporting and embedded mass notification. It is further enhanced by Infinite Blue’s Advisory services team. The product has the flexibility to meet the unique needs of customers and their level of BC/DR maturity.

BC in the Cloud is built on Infinite Blue’s low-code platform allowing for greater product flexibility and quick implementation of enhancements. It is currently used worldwide by more than 500,000 users and serves more Fortune 10 companies than any other BC/DR planning solution.

About Infinite Blue
Infinite Blue is a software solutions provider that empowers some of the world’s largest organizations to become more obstacle-resistant and resilient. Our friendly and flexible applications work together as an all-in-one, configurable business continuity command center. Leaders can now see potential threats enterprise-wide so you can plan smarter, respond in real-time, and bounce back stronger from disruptions like fires, natural disasters, security breaches, global pandemics, and other “what-ifs.” Our organizational resiliency suite of applications are built on our low-code platform and supported by our team of experts, so it’s simple to integrate and configure our existing applications or create something specifically for your organization’s needs. For more information, please visit