Colocation provider Telx continues to strengthen its footprint in the New York region. The company has purchased the building in Clifton, New Jersey that houses its NJR2 data center, and achieved Tier III certification right next door for its NJR3 facility.

Both of these milestones bring Telx closer to its ultimate endgame of creating a data center campus in Clifton, which is about 10 miles west of Manhattan. With full control of both facilities and the adjacent perimeter, Telx has begun to invest in property upgrades that will allow these facilities to comply with the most stringent security and operational requirements.

The property acquisition gives Telx two adjacent facilities, creating a unique location that allows a client to establish physical redundancy in two completely separate infrastructures and yet managed by the same data center operator within the same secure perimeter.

Shepcaro: “A World Class Property”

“We intend to develop both assets into a world-class interconnected property with both buildings adhering to some of the most stringent compliance requirements,” said Eric Shepcaro, CEO of Telx. “We are also excited to be able to fully control this entire location with new operating procedures, a secure perimeter and the development of a new Telx technology center for future R&D and product development. In fact, we have already begun evaluating wireless and other technologies between this location and our Manhattan data centers.”

Telx completed its purchase of 100 Delawanna Avenue from Mountain Development Corporation. There are benefits to being a landlord/owner. The purchase of the property allows Telx to develop an advanced data center campus as well as a future technology center for the evaluation and development of new data center products and services for clients. NJR2 allows for 60,000 square feet of white space.

NJR3 achieve Tier III status from the Uptime Institute for its Concurrent Maintainability design. The facility is 215,000 gross square feet of high power density, energy efficient space and more than 100,000 square feet of customizable colocation space.

Security upgrades will include a perimeter fence with anti-climb and intrusion detection technology, guarded perimeter property gates, full campus surveillance using advanced imaging technologies and other undisclosed new security enhancements.